Do you design web sites?

No. I am a web developer, not a web designer. I do not design web sites, I translate web designs made on PSDs or Sketch into working code and launch it on the Internet. Luckily, I work with very talented designers whom I could introduce you to. Alternatively, you could get your web site designed using an online service such as 99 Designs.

Can you help me with my existing website or a purchased theme?

No. I only work on converting new designs into working code. I do not take up work which was done by other developers. This is to ensure quality and standards are maintained.

How much do you charge for making a web site?

I charge by the day. Feel free to contact me for my rates. If you have a design ready in PSD or Sketch format, I could send you a quote based on the estimated number of working days I would require to build your project. An Australian GST would be applicable on the total quote amount.

I have an urgent requirement to…

Unfortunately I do not take on “urgent” work because I’m usually working on a project. If you’d like to engage me in your project, please give me at least a month or two months’ advance notice.

Can you help me with my requirement which isn’t on WordPress or Magento?

No, I only specialize in and offer WordPress and Magento services. I do not take up custom web development work outside these platforms. The only services I offer are outlined under the “Services” menu on the website.

Do you build mobile applications?

No, I only specialize in web development. I do work with responsive web sites, but not native phone applications.

Can we meet to discuss my requirement?

I work 100% remotely, so we can have a meeting online on Skype, Hangouts or FaceTime.

Can you work from our office?


Do you accept payments on PayPal?

Absolutely 🙂 . My Freshbooks account is linked to my PayPal account, so you can directly pay your invoices on PayPal.